Sell or Trade

Do you have an old Mac® product that you would like to sell for cash or trade in for a newer version? Experimax accepts pre-owned Mac® products of all types including iPhone® devices, iPod® devices, Mac® computers and all accessories. Mac® products are known for their reliability, high-quality hardware, and sleek design.

Apple® is constantly coming out with new and improved products. If you love upgrading but can’t seem to find the extra cash, bring your product into an Experimax near you for an offer rather than leaving it in a drawer.

Experimax makes it easy for you to sell your Apple® products.

You might be tempted to sell your Mac® product back to the Apple® store in hopes that you would get the highest return. Unfortunately, Apple® doesn’t accept all Mac® products for an exchange or trade. If your product is a few generations old, Apple® might not see the value in purchasing it from you and instead will take old Mac® products for recycling.

Experimax takes all Apple® products, even those that may need some work. Bring your Apple® product to a local Experimax location for a full inspection. You can sell it to us for cash or you can trade it in for a certified pre-owned Mac® product - the choice is yours!

Stop by a local Experimax today to get a quote on your Apple® product. We have locations all over that can provide you with a fair quote for your iPhone® device, iPod® device, Mac® computer, or iPad® tablet.