MacBook® Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

Is your MacBook® laptop in need of an upgrade? A new battery, faster ram, or a larger hard drive it may be time to give your MacBook® laptop a serious boost! Whether you’re looking for a faster experience when launching programs or if you need more room to store all of your pictures and videos - Experimax has you covered.

MacBook® laptops are one of the most common Mac® products but they’re not without their faults. MacBrook Pro® batteries fail often and they are known to run hot. These common issues can be the sign of even bigger problems.

Bring your MacBook into a local Experimax for a thorough assessment.

We can find what might be in need of repair or make suggestions on how to get your MacBook® laptop running like it’s brand new! We provide repair and upgrade services for the following MacBook® laptop models:

  • 13” MacBook® laptop (2009+)
  • 15” MacBook® laptop (2008+)
  • 17” MacBook® laptop (2009-2011)
  • Mac® Pro® laptop (2006+)
  • Mac® mini laptop (2006+)
  • MacBook Air® laptop (2010+)
  • MacBook® laptop (2006+)

Our locations stock the highest quality Apple® parts in house. Whether you want to repair a damaged product or upgrade your Mac® computer with the newest hardware - we have you covered.

Every Experimax location is committed to providing exceptional customer service and a 90 day warranty on all repairs. Are you ready to get started? Find a local Experimax today!