Accessories Repairs and Upgrades

Mac® products are known for their sleek design, cutting edge technology, and reliability. Unfortunately, Mac® products are also notoriously pricey. Mac® products are updated often and new versions are constantly being released. Experimax stocks the best in new and pre-owned Mac® accessories for your iPhone® device, Mac® computer, or iPad® tablet. Our technicians test and refurbish all products available at our store.

Purchasing a pre-owned Mac® product from Experimax is like purchasing new.

Our large inventory of keyboards, chargers, displays, and cases come from a wide range of sources such as business owners, individuals, and stores. Not all products available at Experimax were once damaged. Plenty of the products found in our inventory are for sale because the previous owner wanted an upgrade. Purchasing a pre-owned Mac® product from Experimax guarantees you are receiving a product that has gone through rigorous testing and reconditioning.

When you purchase a product from Experimax, you know you are getting the perfect balance of power and performance. Our trained technicians can find the right product for you based on your individual needs and budget. You can also shop comfortably, knowing that the product you buy from Experimax comes with a guarantee. Purchasing a pre-owned Mac® product on sites like Craigslist or Ebay comes with a lot of uncertainties.

We keep our stock full of all the latest and greatest pre-owned Mac® products. New headphones, Magic Mouse®, keyboards, speakers, and so much more are always in stock on our website or in our stores.

Experimax’s service is friendly and fast and our repairs are backed by our 90-day warranty. Stop by one of our many locations to learn more about service and products.