Pre-Owned Apple® Products

Before we put a pre-owned Mac® computer, iPhone® device, iPod® device, Apple TV®, or iPad® tablet for sale at one of our stores, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishing process. Each product that is available for sale at any of our stores works just like new. Our large stock of pre-owned Apple® products is constantly being expanded upon to bring our customers the best products and a fair price.

Not all of the products found in our inventory are being sold due to technical issues, however, all go through the same thorough analysis to bring them up to Experimax’s high standards.

Each one of our products is cleaned, inspected, and handled with the utmost care before it is offered for sale at any of our locations.

Every product that is purchased at Experimax is covered by our 90 day guarantee. While we have faith in the products we repair, we know that things can happen. If you purchase a product from Experimax and something goes wrong, we will replace any faulty parts at no cost to you.

Here at Experimax, we don’t believe in cutting corners. Our customers expect nothing but the best service and products from each of our locations.

Are you interested in purchasing a certified, pre-owned Mac® product? We offer the best products at a fair price and backed by our 90 day warranty. Find an Experimax near you to get started today!