Protect Your iPhone® from Water Damage with These Easy Steps

Water Damage to your iPhone device? Don’t fret! If you have ever dropped your iPhone device in a puddle after a rainy day or have witnessed it fall into a pool or the beach, you know how frightening water damage can be. Water can make an iPhone device completely useless as there are several important components that can become damaged and as you may know, water damage will void your warranty. Before you even think about buying a new iPhone device, there are a few steps that you should take to prevent lasting damage.

  • Don’t waste time! Pick it up, power it down, dry it off, and leave it alone!
    Saving your phone from water damage is a matter of urgency, so act quick! Whether it’s water, soda or juice, liquid can short-circuit electronics so you don’t want your device soaking in liquid unnecessarily. Pick up your phone as soon as possible and immediately turn it off. This will decrease the chances of internal components being short circuited. If your device has a SIM card, remove and dry that as well. Also, take a moment and dry the charger port and headphone jack the best you can. Then, just leave it alone and don’t touch it again.
  • Myth-bust: rice can’t save your phone.
    Despite what some say, putting your iPhone device in a bag of rice after being exposed to water can’t save your phone and may make matters worse. Followers of the common myth claim that the rice can dry out your phone. However, by putting your wet phone in rice, you can make matters worse by getting small rice particles stuck in your phone’s headphone jack or charger port. And this also decreases the chances of being able to repair the phone as your phone stays wet.
  • Check your warranty.
    It’s always important to review the terms of your warranty so you’ll know what you’re entitled to if you’re ever in this situation. Liquid damage voids your manufacturer’s warranty including any additional AppleCare® warranty coverage you may have purchased. Some third-party insurance companies will cover submersion, spills and accidental drops. If you are covered, consider filing a claim with your insurance company.
  • Rest assured, there is hope!
    Taking action right away and bringing your phone or tablet to your local Experimac immediately can make a huge difference. If your iPhone device suffers water damage, Experimac’s local experts are ready and waiting to save the day! Our highly-trained technicians are ready to do whatever it takes to fix your iPhone device quickly and correctly.

If we are not able to save the device for any reason, we do have a large inventory of reasonably priced, certified pre-owned iPhone devices that you can purchase to replace your damaged device. We all know backing up your device on the iCloud® system or on

your Mac® computer at home is critical but these are the moments when we’re reminded why it’s so important to stay on top of your backups. If you have been doing that, you should have nothing to worry about. Experimac can help move your contacts, pictures, etc. into your new device for you. Stop by your local Experimac store today to see what we can do for you!

The Value of Your Apple® Devices for Sale or Trade

Have you ever upgraded your phone, tablet or laptop? What did you do with your older model device? If you have thought about selling it but wondered, “How much is my old Apple device worth?”. Well, the short answer, it depends. There are a lot of factors we consider when evaluating the value of the devices you have for sale or trade.

What You Need to Know

There are many components that go into the value of an Apple device for sale or trade, including the general health or condition of the device, the type and model of the device, as well as the demand for the device.

Health or Condition of the Device

Though they are sturdy, Apple devices are still vulnerable to everyday risks such as dust, water damage and cracks. These potential damages go beyond the device’s screen. Damaged parts can include the charge port, volume controls, the accelerometer, the Wi-Fi antenna and even the screen backlight. Checking for internal damages is complicated, and many of these damages are left unnoticed by device owners. It isn’t until the device is properly examined by a trained technician that damages can come to light. Many mail-in services like Gazelle and SellYourMac claim to pay a certain amount over the web. However, many times their original quotes may change based on the “actual condition” of the device once it is received. Don’t be left unsure of what your device is worth, bringing your Apple device in for a thorough inspection at Experimac is your best bet for getting an offer for what your device is worth.

Type of Device and Model

Some devices are easier to sell pre-owned than others, making them easier to trade in. Thankfully, Apple devices tend to re-sell easier than other models made by other manufacturers as they are popular devices and hold their value very well. Newer models can also be easier to trade in than older models as they tend to have less wear-and-tear and are easier to market.


Devices vary by many specifications according to their model, year and size. Some devices can have a larger demand on the pre-owned market for varied reasons, many that might surprise you. It’s safe to never assume your phone may not be worth much. You may find that your device is worth quite a lot due to local demand. People are often in search of the same model they have because it’s what they are already familiar with.

Again, services like Gazelle and SellYourMac may provide an initial quote. However, there are many incidents that can occur while your device is being shipped, making this form of trade-in a rather risky venture. With Experimac, there’s no guessing. There’s no room for errors, shipping damages or even having to wait. Drop by your local Experimac location today to see what your Apple® device is worth.

iCloud® Service: What You Need to Know

We have broken down our top iCloud service tips from setup to troubleshooting and cool features you might not know about. Need expert help with setup and using all of the iCloud service’s features? Stop by Experimac for help with your iCloud account and setup today.

What is the iCloud service?

iCloud is the Apple, Inc.® service designed to keep all of your Apple devices in sync; imagine being able to synchronize your iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, iPod® device and computers. It works by keeping all of your photos, files, and even videos stored on, your iOS® devices and even on Windows® computers. By synchronizing your Apple® devices with the iCloud service, you can prevent data loss while increasing accessibility of these files, photos and other items you need from anywhere you have Internet access.

Top iCloud service features

  • Find your iPhone device – if you ever lose your phone, you can activate “Find your iPhone” feature and set an alarm to find it
  • iTunes® service on the cloud – download, keep and share your music files between all of your devices
  • Synchronize your calendar, emails and contacts across all of your devices
  • iBooks® service – have all of your favorite electronic books available on all of your devices
  • Photo Stream® service – be able to access any of your photos from your iPhone device, iPad tablet or other Apple devices/computers

Having trouble using the iCloud® service? No problem!

Although we would love to say to that setting up the iCloud service is intuitive for every user, sometimes it’s not. Here are Experimac’s top tips:

When setting up

  1. Make sure your device is running the latest version of iOS software.
  2. Turn on the iCloud service by following the instructions in the setup assistant.
  3. Enable automatic downloads.

When troubleshooting

Should you encounter any problems accessing iCloud services, be sure to complete these steps first:

  1. Check to make sure there haven’t been any outages or scheduled maintenances currently affecting the iCloud service.
  2. Be sure to update your device to the latest software version.
  3. Ensure you are logged in to the iCloud service with your Apple ID® account on your iOS device.

How to choose the right storage plan

When you sign up for the iCloud service, you automatically get 5GB of storage. If you need more iCloud storage space:

  1. Go to Settings, select your name, iCloud service then iCloud Storage. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, iCloud, then Storage.
  2. Select Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
  3. Choose a plan, then select Buy and enter your Apple ID password.

How to access files

There are many ways of accessing files in your iCloud Drive® storage space:

  1. You can use iCloud Drive at com.
  2. When using a Mac® computer, go to the iCloud Drive in Finder.
  3. When using an iPhone device, iPad tablet, or iPod Touch® device with iOS 9 or later, access your files from the iCloud Drive app.
  4. When using a PC with Windows 7® operating system or later and iCloud for Windows®, go to iCloud Drive in File Explorer.

Do you like using Dropbox®? Enable your iCloud account with the same features

  1. To make your iCloud service more like Dropbox, first check that “Documents & Data” is turned on by going to iCloud System Preferences.
  2. Open the Finder window and hit Command + Shift + G.
  3. A dialogue box will open and inside. Type “~/Library”. This will let you into your hidden Library Folder.

Lastly, we would like to add a recommendation that we have found helpful – make sure each person in your home/family has their own iCloud ID before adding them to your family plan. Managing a single user account is significantly easier than managing the family plan when it comes time to add or update devices.

If you’re still having trouble with setting up and using the iCloud service, don’t stress. As your local tech source, Experimac is more than happy to help you with your set up and making sure you feel comfortable with this valuable service. Stop by today and we’ll help you get everything set up and synced.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Gift He Really Wants

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day this year? No worries! Smart devices and other tech gifts are a perfect start. Help him stay on top of his emails, work tasks and more importantly, the things he enjoys – movies, sports, vacation planning, etc.

Here at Experimac, we have compiled a list of certified pre-owned Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank, along with accessories that go with them.

  • iPhone® Devices

    The iPhone device has revolutionized the way we communicate. Is it time to get Dad an upgrade? Whether FaceTiming® children while on business trips, shooting a quick text, snapping selfies with the family or answering emails on the go, the iPhone device has become a perfect gift for dads across the country. Experimac offers various certified pre-owned models to choose from at incredible prices. We also sell waterproof pouches, Bluetooth headset and other accessories Dad may find useful.

  • iPad® Tablets

    Not sure whether to get Dad a smart phone or a computer? Consider getting him a certified pre-owned iPad tablet from Experimac. Tablets are a great alternative device for the user who needs basic computer functions on-the-go. From watching movies to reading magazines, help Dad access all the hobbies he loves with this powerful smart tool. Your local Experimac store has several certified pre-owned iPad tablet models for you to look at as well as accessories including cases and extra power adapters.

  • MacBook Pro® Laptop

    Is your father more of a computer-lover? MacBook Pro® laptops make fantastic gifts as they are available in a variety of styles, sizes and abilities at your local Experimac. MacBook Pro® laptops offer durability and reliability with a user-friendly display that will help him create and work flawlessly, no matter his age or tech skill level. Our certified pre-owned inventory is quite impressive and we’ll help you narrow down the options and make the right laptop choice for your dad. Keep in mind that there are also accessories available at Experimac to help Dad work more comfortably and efficiently. How about a wireless mouse, a USB hub or new headphones?

  • Accessories are always a great gift!

    Because we know not every Dad needs an upgrade or newer piece of tech, how about some accessories to pair with those devices he already uses. Has his phone or tablet case seen better days? Or better yet, has he removed the case completely because he didn’t like the one he had purchased? Cases help to protect our phones and tablets from the elements and are a wise investment. Extra phone or tablet chargers for his car, office or to keep in his travel bag are always a hit because they can really save the day. How about another charger for his laptop? That might also come in really handy. Headphones, portable battery packs and other great accessories are available at your local Experimac.

If you have any questions about gift ideas for Dad this upcoming Father’s Day, visit an Experimac location near you. Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with any questions you may have. Call us today or stop by the Experimac location closest to you and find the perfect gift for him without breaking the bank.

How to Protect Personal Data on Your iPhone® Device

As technology gets faster and more powerful, so do threats posed to our personal information. Knowing how to protect your personal data on electronic devices is imperative. Whether it is credit card numbers, email accounts, addresses or bank routing info, we make our personal data vulnerable every time and place we use our iPhone device. Protect your personal data with just a few easy changes we’ve listed below:

  1. Keep up with updates
    Updates are an easy way to protect personal data on your iPhone device. Updates are created to correct any weaknesses or flaws Apple Inc.® found in the iOS® software, meaning that when you update your iPhone, you prevent hackers from accessing your private information as a result of any flaws or weaknesses.
  2. Activate “Find My iPhone®” app
    This app is a default app since the iOS software was installed, and could save your private information should your iPhone ever get stolen. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, log onto the Find My iPhone app from another iOS device or via the web. From there, you can actually wipe your lost iPhone’s personal data, ensuring that your information is safe, no matter whose hands it ends up in.
  3. Create a longer passcode
    iPhone devices come with a standard 4-digit passcode. However, you can make your passcode safer by making it either longer or creating a passphrase instead. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode, tap “Passcode Options” and select “Custom Alphanumeric Code”. By creating a passphrase instead of just numbers, you can include letters, case-sensitivity and even symbols, thus providing more protection. Better safe than sorry!
  4. Don’t open unknown links
    Whether it’s a weird email or an unknown link texted to you, opening unknown links can turn south very quickly. Be sure to only open emails, texts and pages from known sources and people. Though Apple® devices are known for resisting viruses, they are not 100% immune to them or the hackers creating them. Opening an unknown link may seem very innocent at the time, but it could mean sharing private information with unsafe people.
  5. Be wary of the apps you download
    Downloading apps means agreeing to their requests. For any app, this could mean accessing your photos, documents, or other private locations. Though this is monitored by Apple Inc., you can never be too safe. Never agree to terms that make you uneasy.
  6. Turn off auto-fill
    Auto-fill is a feature offered on Apple devices that will save your private information on logins and websites for convenience. Though convenient, this could pose a huge problem should an unwanted person access your device. Protect passcodes, addresses and credit card numbers by disabling this feature. To do that, go to: Settings > Safari > AutoFill and make any appropriate changes.

Experimac fully understands that we have all become dependent on our iPhone devices but with frequent use of such devices should also come a real understanding of how these devices work. We would hate to see you have your personal information compromised when it would take just a few minutes to keep it from happening. Should you have any issues with your iPhone device, remember that we are here to help. Stop by your local Experimac today!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Apps & Accessories for Mom

Moms do it all! From managing the family’s busy schedules to cooking dinner, chaperoning school events and keeping the house tidy on top of working a full-time job, help Mom do it all and make time for herself by giving her the gift of technology and convenience. Smart devices are a perfect start. Not sure what to get for her this Mother’s Day? Don’t fret! No matter your budget, we have compiled a list of ideas below that won’t break the bank, along with apps and accessories that go with them.

  • Does Mom need a laptop?
    Pre-owned MacBook Pro® laptops make fantastic gifts as they are available in a variety of styles, sizes and capabilities at your local Experimac. MacBook Pro laptops offer durability and reliability with a user-friendly display that will help her create and work flawlessly, no matter her age or tech skill level.
  • Does Mom need a phone?
    The smart phone has revolutionized the way we communicate, conduct business and live. Whether FaceTiming® children, shooting a quick text, snapping selfies with the family or answering work emails on the go, smart phones such as the iPhone® device have become a perfect gift for Moms across the country. Experimac offers various pre-owned models to choose from at incredible prices.
  • Does Mom need a tablet?
    Not sure whether to give Mom a smart phone or a computer? Consider getting her an iPad® tablet. Tablets are a great alternative device for the user who needs basic computer functions on-the-go. Your local Experimac store has several pre-owned models for you to look at. This may be the perfect solution as its portability will make her life easier.
  • Does Mom have a smart watch?
    Telling time, reading texts, answering calls, or even checking heartrate has never been easier. Devices such as the Apple Watch® can offer the mom on your shopping list the ultimate in convenience and style. Stop by your local Experimac to see the pre-owned models they offer at discounted prices.
  • Does Mom already have a smart phone? Take a look at these accessory ideas!
    The smart phone is quite possibly the most versatile item to accessorize and update. Whether shopping for cases, chargers, speakers, fitness trackers, charging cases, car mounts, selfie-sticks, camera add-ons, charger docks, and screen protectors, the options are endless. Here at Experimac, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of our favorite smartphone accessories:

    • Chargers
    • Charging Docks
    • Selfie Sticks
  • Does Mom already have a tablet? Take a look at these accessory ideas!
    Like the smartphone, tablets offer a variety of accessories that make great gifts on their own. These accessories include: cases, keyboards, stands, charging docks, screen protectors and speakers.
  • Does Mom already have a computer or laptop?
    If Mom already has a computer, consider sprucing it up for her with any of the many accessories available, such as a new mouse, keyboard, display monitor, or connecting device such as the Apple AirPort® and Apple TV®. Not sure which accessory will fit her needs best? Experimac specializes in pre-owned Apple® computers and devices; visit your local Experimac to speak with the friendly sales staff about accessory options for her specific computer needs.
  • Does Mom need help using her smart device? Take a look at these Mom-friendly Apps:
    • Happy Kids Timer: Help mom get the kids ready in the morning by teaching them morning routines with this helpful app. The free app is designed for the kids to operate themselves and walks them through getting ready each morning from waking up to brushing their teeth and even making the bed.
    • Trekaroo: Search for kid-friendly activities with this free app. Find zoos, museums and kid-friendly restaurants and hotels easily.
    • Ink Cards: Help mom save time by showing her Ink Cards. This free app helps you customize and send cards for any occasion through her phone, so she doesn’t need to spend time sending physical cards. She can use this for birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays.
    • Kids Eat Free: There are apps for everything, even finding local restaurants that offer free meals off of the kid’s menu, helping any mom save time while eating out.
    • Out of Milk: This app keeps an inventory of your pantry, saves recipes and adds ingredients to your shopping list manually or with a bar code scan. You can get deal alerts or alerts for when you’re running low on ingredients. This app even remembers past shopping lists, making grocery shopping less of a burden.
    • Cozi Family Organizer: Help Mom keep the family organized with this free app. Sharing schedules, appointments, events, and grocery lists with the entire family has never been easier. This app helps open communication and instill organization for any family.

If you have any questions about gift ideas for Mom this upcoming Mother’s Day, visit an Experimac location near you. Our experienced sales staff will happily assist you with gift ideas for Mom without breaking the bank.

Virtual Reality (VR) on your iPhone® Device

These days, you can do just about anything on your iPhone device, even experience virtual reality. Imagine voyaging to far-away lands, shooting zombies, or even flying a helicopter. Just connect a virtual reality headset to your iPhone device, and do these activities and more in the virtual world.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technological simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with using specialized equipment.

How do virtual reality headsets work with the iPhone device?

These head-mounted pieces are designed to work with your phone to produce a three-dimensional display. The headset synchronizes your movement, vision and audio to immerse you into a variety of fictional and realistic settings. The headset uses varied feeds sent to one display or two separate displays (one per eye). Lenses are placed between your eyes and the pixels, which can often be adjusted. These lenses focus images for each eye and create the 3D image by positioning two two-dimensional images to mimic how human eyes view the world. The image feels real due to how wide the picture is. Most headsets use about 100 degrees for the field of view.

Which headsets should I look at?

Seeing that an Apple Inc.® VR headset does not exist yet; the following are good choices to pair with your iPhone:

  • Google Cardboard®
    If you’re hesitant or unsure about whether or not you want to invest into a solid VR headset, take a look at this option. Coming in at around $15, this kit is an affordable option that is a great introduction into the VR world. Though, you get what you pay for; this piece isn’t made for durability, and likely will not last very long.
  • View Master DLX VR®
    This mid-line option was the first model to be sold in Apple® stores. Though it’s not sold there anymore, it is a great option. With a redesigned smartphone mount, it now works with android phones as well as iPhone mobile devices.
  • Carl Zeiss VR ONE GX/Plus®
    This headset is quite impressive and has the biggest price tag on our list. It will require the additional purchase of a smartphone tray; make sure you purchase the specific tray for your smartphone. The VR ONE has incredible optical design and Zeiss precision lenses and has a comfortable fit despite the omission of onboard controls.

Virtual reality may be just what you need to disconnect after a busy or stressful day. Experimac can help you make sure your iPhone device is working properly to maximize your VR experience. Come by your local Experimac today and we’ll be happy to run a full diagnostic on your phone.

The Internet of Things: Controlling your Home from your iPhone® Device or iPad® Tablet

iPhone and iPad devices have changed the way we communicate with colleagues, family and friends. However, did you know you can control your home from them as well?

Whether you’re changing the temperature on the thermostat or locking your doors, there are many new products and apps that make controlling your home from your iPhone device or iPad tablet a reality. Because of the numerous free apps and convenient devices designed to connect your home and the Internet with Apple® products, living without an iPhone or iPad can truly complicate your life. Take a look at these iPhone and iPad compatible devices that can simplify your life:

    • Amazon Echo®
      This popular Blue-tooth enabled device allows you to make the most of your iPad or iPhone mobile device. It features a personal “assistant” named “Alexa” who can help you control various home systems hands-free. All you need to do is enable Bluetooth®, say “pair” and the Echo will be ready to pair. With the Echo, you can choose a “wake word” that triggers the device to listen to your commands. The default is “Alexa” but there are a few others you can select from. You can sync Alexa with other applications allowing you to control music, lights, the thermostat, have cooking recipes read aloud to you, or even have Alexa set a timer for your pot roast or read your children a bedtime story.
    • Nest®
      Nest is another tool for home automation that can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad device. Program thermostats, be informed about smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or even check home surveillance. There are several Nest products that can be set up with the free Nest app available on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Logitech Harmony Home Hub®
      With the Logitech Harmony Home Hub, you can give your loved ones the ultimate universal home remote. Imagine wirelessly controlling lights, entertainment, and even thermostats all from your iPhone or iPad device. Just what every family’s couch potato has always dreamed of.
    • August Smart Lock®
      Keeping your home secure has never been easier thanks to this great iPhone and iPad compatible device. Imagine never needing to fumble through your bag or pocket for house keys. The brushed aluminum circular lock replaces your old deadbolt and allows you to control the lock remotely. With the Smart Lock, you can control who can or cannot enter your home with the use of a digital key. You can also customize how long each person will have access, on what days and even between what hours. The Smart Lock will even send you reports of who is entering your home and when they do it.
    • Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro®
      Project a movie in your family room, deliver business presentations or share family pictures with this iPhone device mini projector. The Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro allows the user to stream and project whatever they want, wherever they want all from their iPhone or iPad device. The rechargeable battery provides about 2 hours of playback time per charge; the 15-lumen LED projector can project images as large as 50” diagonal (640 x 360 resolution) and comes with a built-in speaker, all weighing in under 1 pound.

It seems that we rely on our iPhone and iPad devices more and more each day. If you’re due for an upgrade, need to get your device repaired or want to make the switch from android, stop by your local Experimac store, and we’ll help you determine the necessary repairs or find the perfect pre-owned device at a significant savings in comparison to full retail. It’s time to get with the Internet of Things and control your home from your favorite device.

Smartphone Screens: How they Work & the Importance of Quality Repairs

Have you ever wondered how your smartphone screen really works?

Here is a breakdown of the component parts of screens and the importance of taking your phone to a place, like Experimac, that will perform quality repairs and use quality parts as well as offer a warranty on repairs with options for extended warranties.

Fixing a cracked iPhone® screen as soon as possible is extremely important for many reasons. A cracked screen could mean several parts are broken. Because of this, it’s important that a cracked screen is fixed right away by a professional and reputable business. Waiting can often mean further damage and thus further expense.

How do smartphone screens work? In simple terms:

  1. The display is made up of several parts: the upper glass, the digitizer, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and a bezel.
  2. The upper glass is fused to the digitizer, which is used to interpret finger movements relative to information provided by the LCD.
  3. The upper glass and digitizer are considered one piece and are the first to break in most incidents.
  4. The LCD is located right below. It is located in a precise location so it can synchronize with the digitizer.

Time is of the Essence

A cracked screen could mean damage to any combination of the parts listed above, or to any of the countless internal parts that are separate from the screen but still connected. By continuing to use a phone with a cracked screen, you could increase the damage caused to the phone. Many who wait to fix a broken screen experience a bleeding LCD, LCD failure or even a broken digitizer. How could this happen? Every time you press down on a cracked screen when typing and swiping, you risk causing the LCD to break and leak. Having a cracked screen also exposes the internal parts of the phone to dust and moisture, meaning that parts that did not break at the time of the crack, could still get damaged.

Experience the Experimac Difference

Not every phone repair business is created equally. There is no certification required to operate a cell phone repair shop, meaning that many “repair shops” you see have employees who have never been trained or have no experience. The quality of repair parts can also be compromised, meaning that the “repair” will be short-lived. These faulty businesses will refuse any sort of warranty.

Here at Experimac, only highly trained professionals conduct repairs and only quality parts are used. We know how important it is to fix a cracked screen correctly and right away. We will diagnose what is broken quickly, and even offer same day service on most repairs. All of our services are backed with a 90-day warranty, making not fixing your phone the only risk involved.

5 Tips for Business Owners: Choosing Best Technology for Your Business

Experimac means business! We understand that business owners are very busy and are often spread thin with multiple tasks requiring their attention at the same time. Having the right pieces of technology in place could make it easier to get it all done. Here are Experimac’s top 5 tips for business owners when deciding on the right technology to power your business.

  1. Maintain Security
    Incorporating secure connections and safe storage isn’t easy for any business, though it is the most important factor in running a successful business. Using computers, phones and tablets that offer security is vital. When it comes to protective technology, no one does it like Apple®. Products such as the iMac® and Mac Pro® are known for their resistance to viruses which takes one more worry off the table for business owners. Not to mention, these are reliable tools for any workplace.
  2. Become Mobile
    Your work tends to follow you wherever you go. Being able to access important documents and applications from the office, home or on the go is important for employees and executives. Apple’s software and iCloud® storage has innovatively made it possible to share documents from your MacBook Pro®, to your iPad®, and even to your iPhone®. Investing in products that promote easy access on the go, wherever and whenever you need access, is a must for any business.
  3. Save Time and Money with User-Friendly Devices
    Purchasing user-friendly devices for your business will save you time and money. Time and money spent on training employees on using company computers and technology isn’t necessary. Apple offers a variety of user-friendly programs, applications and software designed to be convenient and easy-to-use.
  4. Go Paperless
    From internal documents to presentations, making an office paperless can save your business money and space. It’s also easy with the right tools. With the iPad and iMacs, there is no longer a need for paper in any company. Apple’s large assortment of applications such as iCloud, TurboScan®, and TeamViewer® prevent the need for a scanner, fax machine, filing cabinet or copy machine.
  5. Keep Up with the Competition
    Technology continues to improve and progress, and impressing clients and maintaining a smooth-running business requires mastering technology. Incorporate technology by implementing easy to use devices that serve a multitude of purposes, such as the iPhone which is capable of many basic yet vital business functions:
    accessing documents, emailing, and of course communication via texting, calling, or VOIP (video over internet protocol, e.g. Facetime® or Skype®). Keeping up with the demands technology places on modern-day businesses is vital to the success of any business.

Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac have revolutionized the business world. With secure software, powerful devices and countless applications, Apple has become the new face of technology in the workplace. Here at Experimac, we take pride in our services and products. We offer expert advice, savings on pre-owned devices as well as additional discounts on the purchase of multiple Macs®. Need help figuring out what you need in your office? Stop by your local Experimac to see what devices would best suit the needs of your business.