After Years in Corporate and Manufacturing Worlds This MBA had Enough: Brings Unique Store to the Area

Experimac - Apple Experts

(Draper, Utah) – Apple product enthusiasts from Draper and surrounding communities will soon enjoy the affordable prices of pre-owned Apple© products to be sold from local resident Karl Vrba’s new Experimac store at 265 E. 12300 S, opening on August 17th.

A 39 year old West Jordan resident, Vrba is confident that his new store will enjoy popularity among the area’s strong market for technology products. “With today’s fast paced lifestyle, there always will be an ever increasing need for multiple technologies, and especially for wireless technology,” Vrba said.

Conveniently located at Interstate I-15 exit 291 East (12300 S), the new Experimac store will serve technology enthusiasts well beyond Draper, including Sandy, Riverton, South Jordan and Herriman. The store will offer a considerable line of renewed Apple© products ranging from computers and laptops to tablets and cell phones. They will sell for affordable prices and Vrba’s Experimac store will also provide low-cost repairs, and installation services.

After Vrba worked in the manufacturing industry for 18 years, he began a somewhat lengthy quest to find the perfect career opportunity that this store opening represents.

“In that manufacturing position, I eventually realized that I was in a dead-end job, with no growth opportunity,” Vrba recalls. He shifted to a retail position that afforded him time and money to return to school. But even after earning his MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2015, Vrba discovered that corporate life, this time with a position in finance, was just not for him; and once again determined to break away to find his happy spot in business. “It was a different corporation, a different industry, but the same treatment. I knew I had to get out of the corporate world,” Vrba said.

His self employment opportunity quest focused on Vrba’s desire to fully use all of the diverse business, education and people skills he had picked up along the way. “Aside from wanting to use all of that business knowledge and education, I also wanted to use my passion for technology,” said Vrba, who explored many franchises before finding Experimac.

As he opens his Experimac store, Vrba at last takes great satisfaction that his substantial journey toward professional fulfillment led to a perfect professional fit. “Servicing customers in my Experimac store allows me to bring everything into play – my experience, education, enthusiasm for technology, and ability to service our communities, individuals and businesses,” Vrba says. He underscores the importance of individuals demanding such perfect fit in their careers. “Anyone who feels they are in the wrong place, the wrong company or industry, should take on that search for the right fit. All have advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to find the one that fits you best.”

About Experimac

Experimac is the latest addition to the United Franchise Group family of brands, joining a team with over 30 years of franchise experience. Capitalizing on a sustained demand for Apple® products, Experimac provides pre-owned computers and devices, repair of laptops, phones and tablets, trade-ins of existing devices, and sales of accessories. Experimac has more than 30 locations with 85 additional stores in various stages of development as of mid-2016. Projections are to open a total of 100 locations by the end of 2016 and 250 by 2017 locations nationwide. For more information visit