Local Former Teacher Makes Apple Products Accessible To Many

Experimac - Apple Experts

(Huntersville, NC) Portions of techno markets north of Charlotte and throughout the Lake Norman region, those who have bemoaned high quality Apple products as unaffordable over years of one product introduction after another, are appreciating Lisa Piatt’s newly opened Experimac store, with its quality line of affordable, pre-owned Apple products that range from Mac Books to iPads and iPhones.

A Huntersville resident with a background in graphic arts, Piatt opened her store at 9832 Gilead Rd., in mid-July. Already, she is sensing keen appreciation for the affordability option that her store offers. “Apple is a technology leader. The ability to fit that technology seamlessly into your everyday life at affordable cost is a huge benefit that can make a big difference for a lot of people,” says Piatt, who as a former teacher had the opportunity to observe firsthand what vital difference technology can make to the learning experience as well as other life endeavors.

Prior to the 32 year old former teacher’s July 15th opening of her Experimac store, she had used her graphic arts background, teaching young students. “While teaching, I could see the impact of using computers and iPads in the classroom. That technology really helps students to reach all of their potential, and not all of my students could afford a brand new iPad or Mac Book,” says Piatt, who opened her Experimac shop with a $200,000 investment that included a $50,000 franchise fee, and investment of $84,000 in her opening inventory.

As a young mother, Piatt sees her Experimac store as something of a family investment seed. She expects that down the road her family will share in growing the business. “This is a typically male dominated segment, but through this store, I may be able to employ my kids as they grow, and to teach them about business, to prepare them for life in the future,” Piatt says.

She will teach them largely by example, directing them to remain open to what markets have to say, observing experiences of other small business operators, and being nimble in responding to unavoidable changes in her industry. “You have to speak to as many people as you can. And no matter how well you plan, something will always throw you off schedule so being nimble, reacting quickly to change is an important attribute,” Piatt says.

About Experimac

Experimac is the latest addition to the United Franchise Group family of brands, joining a team with over 30 years of franchise experience. Capitalizing on a sustained demand for Apple® products, Experimac provides pre-owned computers and devices, repair of laptops, phones and tablets, trade-ins of existing devices, and sales of accessories. Experimac has more than 30 locations with 85 additional stores in various stages of development as of mid-2016. Projections are to open a total of 100 locations by the end of 2016 and 250 by 2017 locations nationwide. For more information visit www.experimacfranchise.com.