The Internet of Things: Controlling your Home from your iPhone® Device or iPad® Tablet

iPhone and iPad devices have changed the way we communicate with colleagues, family and friends. However, did you know you can control your home from them as well?

Whether you’re changing the temperature on the thermostat or locking your doors, there are many new products and apps that make controlling your home from your iPhone device or iPad tablet a reality. Because of the numerous free apps and convenient devices designed to connect your home and the Internet with Apple® products, living without an iPhone or iPad can truly complicate your life. Take a look at these iPhone and iPad compatible devices that can simplify your life:

    • Amazon Echo®
      This popular Blue-tooth enabled device allows you to make the most of your iPad or iPhone mobile device. It features a personal “assistant” named “Alexa” who can help you control various home systems hands-free. All you need to do is enable Bluetooth®, say “pair” and the Echo will be ready to pair. With the Echo, you can choose a “wake word” that triggers the device to listen to your commands. The default is “Alexa” but there are a few others you can select from. You can sync Alexa with other applications allowing you to control music, lights, the thermostat, have cooking recipes read aloud to you, or even have Alexa set a timer for your pot roast or read your children a bedtime story.
    • Nest®
      Nest is another tool for home automation that can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad device. Program thermostats, be informed about smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or even check home surveillance. There are several Nest products that can be set up with the free Nest app available on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Logitech Harmony Home Hub®
      With the Logitech Harmony Home Hub, you can give your loved ones the ultimate universal home remote. Imagine wirelessly controlling lights, entertainment, and even thermostats all from your iPhone or iPad device. Just what every family’s couch potato has always dreamed of.
    • August Smart Lock®
      Keeping your home secure has never been easier thanks to this great iPhone and iPad compatible device. Imagine never needing to fumble through your bag or pocket for house keys. The brushed aluminum circular lock replaces your old deadbolt and allows you to control the lock remotely. With the Smart Lock, you can control who can or cannot enter your home with the use of a digital key. You can also customize how long each person will have access, on what days and even between what hours. The Smart Lock will even send you reports of who is entering your home and when they do it.
    • Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro®
      Project a movie in your family room, deliver business presentations or share family pictures with this iPhone device mini projector. The Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro allows the user to stream and project whatever they want, wherever they want all from their iPhone or iPad device. The rechargeable battery provides about 2 hours of playback time per charge; the 15-lumen LED projector can project images as large as 50” diagonal (640 x 360 resolution) and comes with a built-in speaker, all weighing in under 1 pound.

It seems that we rely on our iPhone and iPad devices more and more each day. If you’re due for an upgrade, need to get your device repaired or want to make the switch from android, stop by your local Experimac store, and we’ll help you determine the necessary repairs or find the perfect pre-owned device at a significant savings in comparison to full retail. It’s time to get with the Internet of Things and control your home from your favorite device.