How Much Time Spent on Your Phone May Surprise You

How much time do we spend on our phones and doing what?

The answer might surprise you!

How much time?

A mobile research report conducted by eMarketer shows total time spent by mobile users as 4 hours, 5 minutes per day. Some studies have found that smart phone use may make up as much as five hours of use daily in adults, and even more than that from users aged 18-24. In other words, we are spending about 17-20% of our lives on our phones. You could have an additional part time job with all of that time!

Doing what?

So, we may spend a lot of time on our phones, but that doesn’t make us bad or negligent people. Smart phones have several practical uses, making them highly functional, partially justifying our amount of use. Whether for communicating, conducting business, using a calculator or just waking up to a morning alarm, our dependence on smart phones as a society is undeniable.

What started as a trendy device has now become an essential tool in American culture. The website Hackernoon said it best, “The amount of time people spend on their mobile phones is less representative of addictive behavior today, and more representative of a massive cultural shift.” The smartphone has revolutionized human behaviors and challenges and has set a new precedent for how we conduct communication, business and ourselves going forward.

You may be wondering, what could anyone do on a phone for five hours a day? Well, user-time adds up quick, and according to MediaKix, we spend an average of 1 hour, 56 minutes on the top 5 social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. eMarketer found that 22% of mobile phone time is taken up by texting, 22% by phone calls, and 10% by email. Most of our phone use is devoted to apps, while a small 8% of our average use relies on browsers.

Smart device use, whether it be an iPhone® device, iPad® tablet or an Apple Watch® device, has consumed our modern American culture and has created a new frontier for business, communication and leisure. If you are an avid smart device user, don’t feel bad as you are clearly not alone. Our reliance on smart devices as a society is simply a reflection of the ever-changing world we live in.

Has reading this made you realize your iPhone device or iPad tablet needs a repair or its time for a trade in? If so, stop by your local Experimac store and we’ll gladly help you get back to your favorite apps, text messages, phone calls, and of course, social media.


Experimac’s Favorite Apps for Dog Lovers

Experimac Top Picks - Favorite Apps for Dog Lovers

Did you know that National Dog Day is on August 26th?

Celebrate your beloved dog this year by incorporating fun and helpful apps that are designed to improve all aspects of your dog’s life. Take a look at our top 10 app picks for dog lovers!

  1. Perfect Dog
    Considering getting a dog but don’t know what breed will fit your lifestyle? Check out Perfect Dog. This app has features that will help you sort through 340 different breeds based on activity level, grooming, living space and other important features. There is a free version of this app, but there are also in-app purchases.
  2. Pooch – Your Personal Dog Trainer
    Training your dog should be a fun and bonding experience for you and your furry friend. This free app teaches you how to reinforce good behavior and provides instructions along the way. Learn how to teach your dog commands and tricks, and track your dog’s progress throughout the process. You can also track their weight and feeding schedule.
  3. PetCoach
    Get connected to licensed vets and trainers for free any time of day or night with PetCoach. You can ask about symptoms, nutrition, or advice on any emergency. If you find a professional you and your pet really connect well with, you can even schedule an appointment with that particular vet or trainer.
  4. Dog Walk – Track Your Dog’s Daily Walks
    Do you enjoy going for walks, jogs or runs with your dog? Then you need to take a look at this app. Keep track of where you are, how long your walk has been, and even keep track of where your dog likes to relieve themselves. This free app can be easily used on your phone or Apple Watch® device.
  5. Walk for a Dog
    This app will donate funds to the animal rescue organization of your choice when you walk your dog. The amount of the donation depends on how many people actively walk for your chosen organization. You can view past walks and even post to social media to inspire others to join in.
  6. Companion
    Keep yourself safe wherever you walk, or with whomever you walk with, by using this free app. This apps tracks where you are and can send notifications to loved ones if you don’t feel safe. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, the closest dispatcher will send police in two taps of your device.
  7. Wag
    Need a dog walker, sitter or overnight boarding? No problem! Install Wag, and you’ll always have access to walkers and sitters, as well as text updates, GPS tracking, pee/poo notifications, and photo report cards. Their walkers and sitters are thoroughly tested on dog handling and all services are insured.
  8. Pet First Aid American Red Cross
    Is your dog or cat demonstrating weird symptoms? Having a place to turn to if your dog or cat suffers from injuries or illnesses is a good plan of action. Check symptoms for emergency situations your dog or cat may encounter. Learn about warning signs and first aid steps from your smart device, and even locate the closest emergency animal hospital.
  9. Whistle
    This free wellness-monitoring app is a great way of keeping track of your dog’s health and happiness. Pinpoint your dog’s location and heartrate, and create wellness goals for your pet. You can add other members of your family or even a dog sitter to your dog’s profile, ensuring everyone is aware of your dog’s needs.
  10. BarkCam
    This fun and free app makes taking pictures of your dog easy for both of you by playing sounds to catch your dog’s attention while you snap the perfect picture. This app also has fun filters, stickers and quotes you can add to your dog’s perfect selfies.

Dogs are our loyal companions, man’s best friend. At Experimac, we know how much you rely on your devices, so if you’ve run into issues downloading all of these great apps, stop by your local Experimac store today. We’ll help you troubleshoot your device’s issues, explain our trade-in process, or show you all of our certified pre-owned inventory.

Why Certified Pre-Owned Apple® Computers Are the Best Choice for Your New Business?

Certified Pre-Owned Apple Computers - Best Choice for Your New Business

If you’re a business owner or are thinking of starting a new business, there’s no doubt you’ll understand the workload and expenses that are associated with the process of getting your business up and running. Apple Inc.® offers some of the most stylish and reliable computers on the market. Certified pre-owned Apple computers from Experimac make sense for new business owners for several reasons. Take a look at some of the benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned Apple computer for your new business:

  • Safety
    Apple computers have long been considered the safer option between PC and Apple computers, but why? Both PC and Apple computers are vulnerable to malware. However, due to the number and variety of PCs available, PCs are attacked by hackers more frequently than Apple computers. Apple computers are created, sold and updated by Apple Inc. This means they can maintain more stability and, ultimately more control, of the operating system and security of Apple computers. Apple Inc. also optimizes their operating system to function with Apple components and thus Apple computers typically crash less than other computers.
  • Usability
    Apple computers are famous for their beautiful design and offer better physical components such as nicer screens due to their high-resolution retina display. Apple computers are easier to incorporate into daily routines and anyone’s lifestyle thanks to the strengthened ties between Apple OS® software and iOS® devices such as your iPhone® device and iPad® tablet. iOS device users now have the ability to start a note or email on their iPhone device or iPad tablet, and continue working on it on their MacBook® laptop, for example, without taking additional steps to synchronize or save anything thanks to the new Hand-Off® feature.
  • Reliability
    When it comes down to the integrity of the software, Apple computers come with software that is specifically designed for their products. Apple computers are considered reliable due to the incredible OS software as well as the superb customer support offered on an Apple computer. Since Apple, Inc. provides everything for the Apple computer, you are provided with a well-thought-out and all-inclusive computer experience.
  • Affordability and Pre-Owned Prices
    It is relatively easy to find cheap PCs, however, these options do not offer the quality that comes with an Apple computer. There is no such thing as a cheaply-made Apple computer. However, owning a premium Apple computer does not have to come at a premium price. Apple computers are known for their longevity thanks to their stable operating systems and quality construction, and buying a certified pre-owned Apple computer is a great option for those on a budget. With the right equipment, at a cost that will not break the bank, Experimac is happy to help you select what your office will need.

Invest wisely in your new business and save money on startup costs with certified pre-owned Apple® computers from Experimac. Stop by your local Experimac today to get more information on certified pre-owned Apple devices and find out which models fit the needs of your new business.

What does your Ringtone Say About You?

Did you know that the ringtone you pick for your phone, or decide not to pick, can actually say something about you?

Psychologists agree that whether your ringtone is a pop song, a traditional ring or even silenced, it means something and demonstrates personality traits about you to the world around you.

Wondering how your ringtone is perceived by others around you? Take a look at what they’ve found:

  • An older rock song could date you, but it also means you know your way around technology. You feel confident with your age and you’re not afraid to hide it. If you’re a younger person with a song that outdates you, you are an independent thinker who is not afraid to part ways with current trends and expectations.
  • Using a ringtone already installed in your phone could mean that you’re down to earth and practical. You’re happy with the simple things in life and choose to spend your time on things that matter more than a ringtone.
  • If you stay current and use hit pop songs as your ringtone, you are a person who loves variety. You are adventurous and love new experiences. You probably do your best to stay aware of current trends and change your hairstyle as often as you change your ringtone.
  • Having classical music as a ringtone could go one of two ways: you are both refined and sophisticated, or you are very stressed out. Classical music is proven to calm nerves, and your ringtone may be what you use to destress, particularly if you get a lot of work-related calls.

The choice of ringtone is not the only cell phone component that shares tidbits of your personality with others. Cell phone etiquette does as well:

  • The person who interrupts a meeting because of their phone is not only demonstrating bad business etiquette, but they are also giving you insight into their personality or lifestyle. They may be self-centered, forgetful or even overwhelmed. Either way, leaving your ringtone on during a meeting is not the best way to make a good impression on others.
  • The person who always leaves their phone on silent is usually someone who puts the day-to-day activities in front of them before phone calls, and loves to live in the moment rather than on the phone. However, be careful, this could be misinterpreted as being unreliable or antisocial.
  • The person who never picks up calls is often someone who is overwhelmed with pressing matters, or is someone who doesn’t care to speak on the phone and would rather be left alone. Again, this can be taken either way, so be mindful of the calls you are choosing not to answer.
  • The person who answers calls right away can be seen as dutiful, helpful, but also over-eager. If you’re the kind of person who picks up calls at inopportune times, you could be making a horrible impression on those you care about or with employers.

Make sure you are making the right impression with your ringtone and sound settings as well as your phone etiquette. If you need help with your iPhone® device’s ringtone settings, no worries! Visit your local Experimac to see what our highly experienced technicians can do for you today.

Experimac’s Top Picks: Educational Apps for Kids

Are your kids headed back to school? Have the nervous jitters kicked in? Or, are your kids confident as they start the new school year? At Experimac, we know kids love technology and if we can get kids to learn while having fun using the technology they like, then why not?

We have broken down our recommendations on the best educational apps for kids below because we want to help you and them have a successful school year. Whether your child needs a little help getting organized or is dreaming of exploring outer space and the planets, we’ve got you covered. These 10 apps are a fun way to reinforce what they learn at school during the day and help them keep track of deadlines, tasks, etc.

  1. BrainPOP
    This is one of the most helpful apps for students of all ages. Whether your child is struggling with Math, Reading, Social Studies or Science, this app has several interactive lessons and videos designed to create interest and understanding in a variety of topics without being too long to keep the average student’s attention.
  2. Photomath Camera Calculator
    Many children struggle with completing Math assignments on their own. However, before looking for a tutor, take advantage of your iPad® tablet by downloading Photomath Camera Calculator and point your iPad tablet’s camera to a math problem printed in a book or on a worksheet. Photomath will not only provide you an answer, it will also show you a detailed explanation as to how to find the correct answer.
  3. NASA App
    Explore planets, space missions, astronauts, history, maps and videos with the NASA App. Imagine being able to explore outer space from the palm of your hand!
  4. My Study Life
    This app’s purpose is to simplify your life by replacing paper planners and providing you and your children with the ability to schedule events, set up notifications, synchronize all of your smart devices and keep track of tasks that need to be completed. This could very well save your sanity.
  5. EasyBib
    Need help citing sources for research papers and projects? EasyBib can help you with that. Whether you need to cite APA (American Psychological Association) or MLA (Modern Language Association) research papers, EasyBib can help you quickly using your iPad® tablet or iPhone® device. Simply take a picture of the book’s barcode or type the title of the book, and EasyBib takes over.
  6. TED-Ed
    You may be very familiar with TED Talks. Did you know that there are lessons designed by the same creators of TED Talks that discuss a multitude of topics in Social Studies, Science and more? These educational videos follow up with short quizzes about the video lessons.
  7. Hooked on Phonics
    If your student isn’t reading yet, take a look at Hooked on Phonics. This app provides games, lessons and stories to teach children phonics and motivate them to read without frustrating your emerging reader.
  8. Quizlet
    Don’t have the time to create flashcards? No problem. Quizlet is an app available on the iPad tablet that offers thousands of flashcards for countless topics to help students study for any exam. It also includes interactive games, study modes and practice tests, making studying easy and effective. One of the most helpful features of Quizlet is the ability to make your own flashcards for any subject area using your class notes, textbook or online resources.
  9. Evernote
    Note taking is now much easier thanks to apps like Evernote. Evernote allows you to take notes in a variety of ways, all on your iPad tablet. Whether it is taking a picture, creating a list or writing down a reminder, this app makes these notes easy to create and easy to share with other devices. Projects, assignments and day-to-day activities are all made much easier for your child with this app. Your child can then share their notes with you in a group notebook so you can keep tabs of what they’re learning in class.
  10. Stack the States
    Do you know all 50 states? Chances are your student doesn’t. Geography is something people of all ages seem to struggle with. Help change that by using this app. Stack the States has games and questions that help you learn to identify the United States.

Remember Experimac is your go-to resource for all of your family’s Back to School tech needs. We stock a large variety of certified pre-owned phones, tablets, laptops, computers and more to help your student stay on the path to success this year. If it’s time to trade in and upgrade their current devices, we can help you with that too. See you at your local Experimac!

Love Music? So Do We! – Experimac’s Favorite Music Apps

For those with a long commute or for those who love to work out, music is often the most motivating part of the commute or workout session. Whether your playlist includes The Beatles, Rihanna or Keith Urban, listening to your favorite artists can help you relax, focus and get your blood pumping.

Check out these free music apps we love. They will make it easy for you to listen to the artists you love, discover new music, identify songs, and even find radio stations near you.

  • iTunes – Media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management app – iTunes does it all. Through the iTunes Store, you can buy and download music, music videos, audio books, podcasts, and even TV shows, ringtones, and movies. Play, download and organize your favorite music using their user-friendly interface.
  • Pandora – A free music app that streams songs for you to listen to. You enter your favorite artist’s name and Pandora will play songs by them and other similar artists they recommend. You rate the songs and bookmark your favorite artists.
  • Spotify – On Spotify, you can follow artists and sync music from your desktop. You can create a station so Spotify will play songs similar to your original music selection. You can also find music by viewing top lists and new releases or searching for playlists and favorite artists and albums. Add your favorite songs to a music library and play them again later. Want to know when your favorite artists are releasing new albums? Set up a push notification for that.
  • Shazam – If you haven’t used Shazam, you have to try it out! The app listens to a song and then tells you the name of the song and the artist. Then, you can share the song, watch a music video on YouTube, play it on Spotify, find tour info, create a Pandora station based on that artist and more.
  • iHeartRadio – Are you looking for a radio app for your mobile device? iHeartRadio will do that. It supports tons of devices, has zero commercials and can find radio stations near you. You can create your own music stations based on your favorite songs, search for stations, listen to podcasts, save favorite stations as presets, set as an alarm clock, view lyrics as you listen, read a bio of the artist and much, much more.
  • Amazon Music – You can load up to 250 of your own songs to your Amazon account so you have access to them from a mobile device. You can download your music offline, allowing you to listen to the music from the app even without an Internet connection. Organize playlists, add existing playlists from your device. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get an ad-free experience and unlimited access to millions of song selections.

If you can’t imagine getting through your day without your favorite music, you have to check out these free apps. Having trouble with your headphones or downloading the apps on your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet? Stop by your local Experimac today and we’ll run a diagnostic check to make sure everything is working properly so you don’t have to suffer through the day without your favorite music to keep you going.

Apple® Desktop Computer Models: Pros and Cons. Why Should I Buy Certified Pre-Owned?

Which Apple desktop should you buy? Below, we weigh the pros and cons of each Apple desktop model and provide additional information on what you can expect when you purchase a certified pre-owned computer at Experimac.

Here at Experimac, you don’t need to sacrifice your needs or wants because of expense. At Experimac, you get the original tech at a fraction of the original price. Our customers save an average of 60% on our certified pre-owned Apple products over big box retailers. The certified pre-owned computers we carry have undergone a rigorous evalualuation. Our techs inspect, grade, clean and test all of our pre-owned products and install the latest licensed operating system available. In order to be sure these computers work just as well as they did the day they were first used, all components of the computer are thoroughly examined, tested and retested to ensure quality and reliability. Even after this thorough examination, Experimac is still able to bring you certified pre-owned computers at a fraction of the original price.

Additionally, when purchasing from Experimac, you have the opportunity to see the product in person yourself, ensuring a safe transaction from a reputable retailer.

Mac Pro® Desktop Computer

The iMac® computer, Mac Pro computer and the Mac Mini® computer are all Apple desktop options. The Mac Pro is the king of all Apple devices. It’s motto “Built for creativity on an epic scale” is very fitting, as this computer is a powerhouse. However, if you’re not running Pro level software such as Final Cut Pro X®, Logic Pro X®, or any others of that caliber, then the Mac Pro computer is most likely more machine than you need. If you like the idea of a powerful desktop but don’t need the strength of the Mac Pro computer, consider taking a look at higher-end iMac® models.

iMac Desktop Computer

The iMac computer comes in various sizes and capabilities, most of which are more powerful than the Mac Mini computer, yet not as powerful as the Mac Pro computers. The entry-level iMac computers offer similar abilities to that of the Mac Mini computer; if investing in an iMac computer, it is wiser to go with the higher end variations. The iMac computer is the perfect choice for working at home and gaming.

Mac Mini Desktop Computer

The Mac Mini computer is a great at-home, general desktop to be used for basic functions such as exploring the Internet or creating basic documents. Though it is not as strong as other Apple desktops, the Mac Mini computer is a wonderful option for those looking for a very basic, energy-efficient device. The Mac Mini desktop is a great option for a first Mac computer or for anyone who doesn’t need a powerful device.

You can’t go wrong with any of Apple’s products; they are beautifully designed and are powerful machines built to last. However, with so many options, it can be frustrating picking the perfect model. Stop by your local Experimac today to get more information on all of our certified pre-owned Apple desktop computers and find out which model fits your needs best.

Master iPhone® Device Photography: Top 10 Tips, Apps and Filters

Want to be an iPhone device photography expert? We’ve put together Experimac’s tips for taking the best portraits, landscape and action photos along with the top editing apps and filters. It’s time to take some epic summer pics!

iPhone® Device Photography Tips

  • Save time and use the camera shortcut
    The perfect moment to snap a picture can happen at any time. Isn’t that why we use our phones to take them? Do not waste time unlocking your phone to take a picture, simply swipe up from the bottom of your lock-screen and snap a shot. Don’t worry about privacy, your stored pictures cannot be accessed if you lock your screen.
  • Use the volume button to take pics
    The iPhone device’s thin design, while sleek, can make taking pictures difficult, particularly selfies when you want to be sure you have a good grip on the phone. You may find it easier to use the volume buttons to take pictures instead.
  • HDR Auto
    High Dynamic Range, or HDR, could drastically improve your pictures by allowing you to take pictures that may have high contrast light, such as a bright sunset, without distorting any part of the picture. You can turn this feature on or off at any time, but many find it helpful to rely on iOS 8’s HDR Auto feature which leaves it up to your iPhone device’s sensor to turn it on or off.
  • Burst Mode
    Summer time typically brings adventures and trips out and about. That doesn’t mean your pictures have to be blurry. Use Burst Mode when chasing after the kids, going for a ride or for any picture you try to capture in motion. By taking pictures in burst mode, the quick succession means a better chance of getting a clear shot of the image you want in addition to more options to choose from.
  • Grid
    iPhone devices have a grid option installed. It is designed to help you keep your pictures balanced, straight and on-point. You can enable this feature by going to the camera section of your iPhone device’s settings.

iPhone® Device Photography Filters

  • Filters
    There are many applications that you can use to spice up your photos and edit colors and crop any image. These apps can be particularly beneficial if you plan on uploading pictures to social media accounts. Some apps such as Snapchat or Instagram offer their own fun and colorful filters for pictures and videos. Test them out and see what you come up with!

iPhone® Device Photography Apps

  • Snapseed
    This free photo editing app easily handles any of your iPhone picture enhancing needs. You can use it for processing techniques, including exposure, color, cropping, sharpening and perspective correction. You can even remove unwanted objects from your photos, or use the Brush or Selective tool to adjust the color and brightness of just one part of your photo.
  • PicsArt Photo Studio (iOS)
    PicsArt is a free app that delivers in an easy-to-use format for editing photos. With this app, you can create fun layouts, collages and mashups of all your fun summer pics. Make your social media picture posts more interesting this summer with this app.
  • Boomerang
    This free app from the creators of Instagram makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. With this app, you can create captivating mini videos that loop back and forth, then share them with your friends. Make a fun short video by finding something that’s moving, or create a video-selfie by switching to the front-facing camera.
  • YouCam
    Designed to help you optimize your selfie-game, YouCam has the easiest-to-use beautification tools that provide amazing results, plus other editing options and collages. Anyone who is serious about their selfies will love this app.

Having trouble with your iPhone device’s camera? Get that fixed before summer kicks into full swing at your local Experimac store. No appointment is necessary and most repairs are completed while you wait.

Need to Manage Screen Time for Your Kids? Experimac Has Tips Based on the Child’s Age

Using electronic devices should be a positive and fun experience for all of the members of your family. However, it is important to understand that exposure to digital media should be limited for children. Not sure what those limitations should be? Take a look at the tips we have listed below.

Screen Time Recommendations
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) hosted a national conference where close to 10,000 pediatricians gathered to discuss the effects electronic devices have on children. When it comes to digital media exposure, children are at risk of several detrimental effects including: damages from extended screen time, exposure to inappropriate material and even cyberbullying. The AAP found that the following guidelines should be followed when determining digital media exposure:

  • Under 18 months – Infants should not be exposed at all.
  • 2-5 years old – Should be limited to one hour per day.
  • 6 years old and older – Parent discretion should be used to determine the duration as well as the content the child is exposed to online. However, originally, doctors claimed over two hours of exposure a day could be damaging.

Monitoring the time your children spend on the Internet is vital to their health and well-being biologically, as well as for their emotional well-being. With older children, the concern regarding digital media exposure is more about the material they may be exposed to. Sometimes, it can be tough to moderate their online choices. It’s important to establish trust in your child; however, keeping your children happy and safe online works best when you can maintain honesty in addition to some basic levels of protection.

Appropriate Parental Controls are Important
Parental controls may be a good option for your family if you are worried about they are exposed to online. These controls are designed to protect your children as the Internet can be a very dangerous place if not moderated. From child predators to sensitive and inappropriate information, parental controls are designed to protect your children from the dark corners of the Internet.

There is a great variety of parental controls available. There are some designed for specific ages and operating systems, and there are also more specific parental controls designed for targeted ages and purposes. Parental controls can be set up on your smart phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

Curious about what parental control options would be the best fit for your family’s needs? Call your local Experimac to find out more or stop by and we’ll be glad to discuss the best options for your family.

Summer Travels Made Easy: Experimac’s Favorite Summer Vacation Apps

Here are Experimac’s favorite apps for use on your summer vacations! Whether you’re visiting theme parks or national parks, looking for a unique restaurant experience, or need to get information on hotels and flight updates, we have the apps that will make it easy to get through your summer vacation. Make this summer a summer to remember with these free apps:

You may already use Yelp, but we suggest using Foursquare as it is especially adept at helping you find things you might want to see close to you such as museums, parks, restaurants, monuments and other nearby spots of interest. You’d be surprised what’s going on around you, Foursquare can help you find something new to try. There aren’t descriptive reviews in the app, but rather advice that other Foursquare members post to help.

Customize all of your travel arrangements in one place with this app. GateGuru allows you to find maps, weather info and tips for your destination. Keep track of how many miles you’ve flown, and compete with friends and family. You can even look up flight alerts and TSA security wait-time estimates.

The journey is better than the destination, particularly if you’re familiar with Roadtrippers. This app asks for your start and end destination, and any destinations you want to hit in between. Then, Roadtripper navigates in-app and points out any important and hidden spots you missed. You can even add your discoveries for others to find along the way. This app will surely turn an otherwise long and boring road trip into a fun trip the whole family will never forget.

Google Translate
Traveling means visiting new places and meeting new people. Sometimes meeting new people means introducing yourself to new languages. Google Translate is the app to have if you plan on venturing to a destination with a different native language. It provides you with translations in any language, visually and with audio. This will make ordering your meals and seeking assistance a lot easier.

Trail Wallet
You may think that money is the last thing you want to worry about while on vacation. However, the last thing you want to experience after months of saving money to go on vacation is to misspend and regret not having budgeted properly. Trail Wallet helps you keep track of what you’ve spent, as well as keep tabs of how much you have left. You can create daily limits and break down what you want to spend your funds on.

National Park Service
The National Park Service has developed an app for many of its National Parks. Look for the park you will be visiting and download the appropriate app whether you’ll be in Washington, DC visiting the National Mall or you’ll be on the west coast in San Francisco spending the day at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Use these apps to get more information about the nation’s most cherished cultural and historical sites.

Make reservations for dinner right from your phone. Are your trying to visit the latest hot spot in your destination city? OpenTable can connect you with the top restaurants in cities across the US and around the world. Each month, OpenTable diners contribute over 850,000 reviews about their restaurant experiences so you will know whether the restaurant you’re considering is a good choice or not.

Visiting theme parks during summer vacation is almost a rite of passage. There are countless amazing theme parks across the US and many have developed apps to improve their guest experience. Here are some you may want to check out if these places are in your destination city:

  • Official Universal Orlando Resort App
  • Official Universal Studios Hollywood App
  • My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Cedar Point Official App
  • Hersheypark Official
  • Kings Dominion Official
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • SeaWorld Discovery Guide
  • Busch Gardens Discovery Guide

Whether you will be traveling around the US or around the world, do your research. There are so many amazing places to visit and you will want to be prepared so you don’t miss anything. If your iPhone® device or iPad® tablet is not performing well for some reason, stop by your local Experimac before you head out on your trip so we can make sure it is working well and you’ll be able to use all of these great apps and take some fantastic photos of your adventure.